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go drag! international drag festival celebrating women, non-binary, and trans artists

Monster Ronson's Ichiban Karaoke


2022/10/03 - 21:00

go drag! Festival - Boys Of Berlin - Host Mo. B Dick 

An evening to celebrate Berlin’s masculine talent. Drag Kings, and performers that play with masculinity, who currently live and work in the city.


2022/10/04 - 21:00

go drag! Festival - International Men Of Mystery - Host Mo. B Dick

An evening to celebrate Drag Kings who live and work outside of Germany. This cabaret will introduce a Berlin audience to the different flavors of Drag King performance which exist in other cities. Get ready to meet these international men of mystery.


2022/10/05 - 21:00

go drag! Festival - Ladies Night - Host Cherdonna Sinatra 

An evening to celebrate extraordinary Drag Queens and femme drag performers. Get your wigs and your lashes and your heels because it's ladies night! 


2022/10/06 - 21:00

go drag! Festival - Drag Beyond Limits -  Host Eric Big Clit

An evening to celebrate Drag performers who work beyond the binary. Drag Quings, creatures, aliens, beasts. Beyond man and woman, king and queen, beyond human! What lies beyond hetoronormative imaginings? What is drag without limits?